Airport training

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11.2.5 – Security Manager – Refresher training
12 max / Session Duration : 14h

> Objectives

  • Obtain the prerequisites for the delivery of airside driving license
  • Know regulatory, technical and operational fundamentals
  • Carry out approaches to and withdrawals from aircraft (berthing and unberthing) with a dedicated vehicle
  • Use the van’s lifting mechanism
  • Improve driving methods conveniently

> Target audience

  • All HGV drivers / vehicle drivers or driver helpers
  • Holders of a category C driving license, of the airside driving permit and other airport driving permit. Should be declared fit to work from a height

> Pedagogy

  • Alternation of theory and practice Wearing of PPE (Personal protective equipment) obligatory
  • Continuing evaluation of participants with accreditation of acquired skills
  • Refresher training every 5 years.