General training

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Language and office equipment
Airport English – individual or group
6 max / Session Duration : 20h minimum

> Objectives

  • Master the basics of written and spoken English.
  • Learn teminology related to the company, to the activity, and to the post held.
  • Become spontaneous in the use of structures.
  • Acquire automatic reflexes.
  • Communicate efficiently on an international scale due to acquired ease and confidence in the use of English.

> Target audience

  • Everyone wishing to improve their capacity to use English in a professional context.
  • Communication by e-mail and by phone, running meetings, participation in video conferences, negotiations, reading and writing of procedures as well as of minutes and reports.

> Pedagogy

  • Active and pragmatic approach.
  • Use of audio and video.
  • Oral comprehension and expression.
  • Simulation exercise.
  • Work on professional texts and documents.
  • This training program is adapted to the specific expectations and needs of trainees and their company.