Le CPF (CPF training sheme)

  • How can I use the remaining hours of my DIF after 1 January 2015?

Any DIF hours not yet used before 1 January 2015 are not lost. Such hours will remain available within your CPF account for 5 years and must therefore be used before 1 January 2021.
Information concerning DIF hours unused on 31 December 2014 was completed in writing by your employer before 31 January 2015.

  • How many hours am I entitled to?

The CPF training scheme is managed by the Deposit and consignment fund (CDC). To obtain the number of hours and information corresponding to the training scheme the holder has access to a dedicated and free online platform : http://www.moncompteformation.gouv.fr/.
Any remaining DIF hours will need to be added to the account by the employee.

  • Do I need to have my employer’s permission to use my CPF training scheme?

If the scheme is for training outside work hours, no prior permission by the employer is required.
If the scheme is for training entirely or in part during work hours, the employer’s permission is
necessary with respect to course “content” and “scheduling”.
However, when the CPF training scheme aims for the acquisition of “core knowledge and skills” or to accompany a VAE (Prior Learning Assessment), the agreement can only relate to scheduling; this is also the case when a branch, a company or a group agreement provides that the training chosen by the holder of the CPF training scheme may be followed during work hours.

  • Which training courses are available through the CPF scheme?

The courses available through the CPF scheme must belong to one of the following categories:

Courses aimed at acquiring core “knowledge and skills”, or courses meant to prepare for accreditation of prior and experience-based learning (validation des acquis de l’expérience, or VAE)
Courses that result in an English language certification that figures on the list established by the “Répertoire national des certifications professionnelles (RNCP)”, or courses that make it possible to obtain part of an identified professional certification, classified in the directory, for the acquisition of a proficiency block/either by a certificate of professional qualification (CQP) / or by certifications listed in the inventory referred to in Article L.335-6 of the education code.

  • What happens if I leave the company (redundancy, resignation, retirement)?

Unlike the DIF, which can only be portable in certain cases of departure from the company, the CPF is valid throughout life. And so whatever the cause of departure from the company, the hours inscribed on the training scheme remain available to the holder of the CPF.

Financing the courses

  • I’m an employee and I wish to follow a course. How can I finance my training?

Funding under the CPF training scheme
Financing by your employer as part of the training plan
Funding under the CIF (Congé Individuel de Formation)
We invite you to approach your HR manager to know the terms of each of these financing methods.

Enrolment: terms and documents

  • How do I enrol for training with Servair Formation?

Servair Formation offers several solutions:
online on our site: www.servair-formation.fr
by e-mail: contact-formation@servair.fr

  • What documents will I receive after enrolment, and when will I receive them?

Confirmation of enrolment, accompanied by your training agreement and the program of the selected course(s), will be sent to you by e-mail 48 hours after enrolment. If funding is through an APPROVED JOINT COLLECTION BODIES (OPCA), you must send your training agreement there upon receipt.
A convocation letter will be sent to the trainee at least 10 days before the start of the course, accompanied by the necessary information: dates, venues, schedules (unless training takes place before 10 days)
A confirmation of attendance and a presence sheet are sent with the invoice, at the end of the training period. All our documents are scanned, you can request them at any time (by e-mail at contact-formation@servair.fr or by phone); they will be sent to you as quickly as possible.

  • Under what conditions can I cancel an enrolment?

Any withdrawal or rescheduling must be signaled immediately and confirmed in writing by the Client, and will be invoiced as follows:

Any withdrawal from a training day at less than 10 working days before the scheduled date of the session results in a 50% invoicing of the session.
Any withdrawal from a training day at less than 5 working days before the scheduled date of the session results in a 100% invoicing of the session. This forfeit cannot be charged toward continuing vocational training.
Cancellations must be made by an e-mail message that includes an electronic acknowledgement of receipt. The date to be taken into consideration to determine the period of 5 or 10 days corresponds to the date of arrival at Servair Formation of the e-mail’s acknowledgement of receipt.

Cancellation policy and conditions

  • When must the training course be paid for?

Our invoices are payable immediately and without discount or credit upon receipt of the invoice.
At the end of a session, the invoice, a confirmation of presence, the training agreement and the program of the course will be sent to the person in charge of the enrolment.

  • How does one proceed to pay for training through an APPROVED JOINT COLLECTION BODIES (OPCA)?

A request must appear on the registration form, in the space reserved for it.
We send you the training agreement as soon as you are registered in the program.
You must send it to the APPROVED JOINT COLLECTION BODIES (OPCA) with a request for support before the actual training begins.

Organization of the training: before, during, after

  • What is the training timetable?

Training at Servair generally begins at 9:00 a.m. and ends at 5:00 p.m. We welcome trainees on site from 8:00 a.m. Our training sessions take 7 hours per day.The actual training schedule as well as the venue of your training will be specified in your convocation, which you will receive at least 10 days before the beginning of the training period (depending on the date of enrolment)

  • Is lunch included in the training package?

Unless your company specifically makes a request, lunch is not included in the price of your training.The cost is €15 per day and per trainee.
Taken together, in an inter-company restaurant in an area around the venue of the training, lunch is an opportunity to exchange and share experiences between trainees and trainers around a pleasant discussion

  • When will I be informed about the venue of the training?

Your convocation will specify the address of your training as well as the timetable. The convocation will be sent to you 10 days before the actual training begins.
Most of our training programs take place at our Paris region (Île de France) center:

Servair Formation
Immeuble le Ronsard – Paris Nord 2
22, avenue des Nations
BP 89 017 Villepinte
95931 Roissy Charles-de-Gaulle Cedex

  • Is training at Servair Formation accessible to people with reduced mobility?

We have an elevator equipped with Braille buttons allowing access to training rooms for people with reduced mobility.

Kinds of training programs at Servair Formation

  • What are the different kinds of training offered by Servair Formation?

Servair Formation is the leading provider of airport professional training and offers the following programs:
Short catalogue courses
Long certifying courses
Customized/intra training courses
E-learning courses

  • What does Training for Certification mean?

Training for certification refers to a long-term course that leads to an exam which validates the knowledge and professional know-how acquired to practice a trade, a specialty, and confirms proficiency in the concepts and techniques studied.

  • Are Servair Formation’s training courses officially recognized?

The officially recognized courses are: PRAP/SST/PERMIS T/SECURITY/PHMR

  • Does Servair Formation provide training outside the Paris region?

Our inter-company training courses are mainly organized in the Paris region (Île de France), Lyon or in other cities such as Nice, Marseille, and Bordeaux. We can also organize training programs in DOM-TOM (Overseas France) as well as in other countries.

Customized/Intra courses

  • What is the difference between intra training and tailor-made training?

Intra training is taken from the catalogue and personalized to suit your situation; it is reserved for your co-workers and takes place at the premises of your choice.
Customized training is created from scratch following your specifications to meet your explicit needs and expectations.

  • Is your intra training officially recognized?

We can also make an application for specific approval within an intra/tailor-made project. Our teams take care of the whole process on your behalf.

  • What is the minimum/maximum number of trainees for intra-company training?

In general, from 4 (for face-to-face training) to 10 participants, but we can offer you training in a different format of conference course training in order to accommodate more trainees, with different educational objectives.

  • Is it possible to charge multiple entities for the same training session?

We can charge multiple entities. Invoicing would be done according to your instructions (prorata …).

Administrative Information

  • What is Servair Formation’s business declaration number (numéro de déclaration d’activité)?

Trade and Company Register ID (Numéro d’immatriculation au Registre du Commerce de Paris): RCS 448 993 477
Registration number as a private educational institution of continuous professional training (Numéro d’enregistrement comme établissement d’enseignement privé de formation professionnelle continue): 119303613493Managing Director: Mr. François BAPTISTE